September 27-30, 2018
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Proposed Sessions

Pitch Perfect: Workshopping Session Ideas and Submissions, Diversity and Inclusion Edition

It’s time to bust a move as we work to improve speaker diversity at Drupal Camps and Cons. In this session, we’ll workshop ideas for talks and work on how to pitch them. People from underrepresented groups in particular are invited.


“UGH. Why is this theme’s build process so complicated?” Here’s why.

Wondering why some themes have so much grunting and gulping? What are all these tasks and… linters? Why can’t we just write plain CSS and JS! We’ll look at how this front-end complexity can actually help teams to work together better.


Web Accessibility Training for Drupal Developers

Learn common accessibility terms, experience cool accessibility tools, learn how to incorporate Drupal core & contributed modules that assist with accessibility into your site, & develop your site with accessibility always in-mind.


Docksal: More Dev, Less Ops

Ain't nobody got time to be dealing with setting up locals. You’re a developer. Which means you didn’t sign up to be a devops engineer or a server admin.


Making Drupal Fly: Common Performance Configuration

Drupal is slow, let's make it fast! Or at least cheat as much as possible to make it appear fast.


Making Search Work

Search isn't as simple as as turning on a module. Learn how we use good planning and understanding of configuration to make search to fit our needs.


A Introduction to Gulp

What is Gulp? How does it work? How to manage your Gulp settings to customize your theming workflow.


Tools of the Trade - Running a Small Drupal Shop

A discussion about the tools used by small Drupal shops to manage workflows, contractors, and financials.


Docker Based Battle Royale!

Docker Based Battle Royale! All Docker-based local-development contenders will enter the ring...which will survive? Beware - LIVE DEMOS!


Automating Your Best Practices With Drupal Distributions and Docksal

In this session we’ll look at how you can automate your best practices for site building, developer environment setup, and deployment and testing using a custom Drupal distribution and Docksal.


A Drupaler's Guide To Marketing

Do you do Drupal for others, including marketers? Come to this session for a primer on marketing terms (MQLs, CTAs, Funnels, ...), marketing needs (NNN, CTR, Conversions, …) and related marketing technologies (there are zillions!).


Developer Isolation: How DevOps and Drupal Create a Stronger Team

Learn which software development practices avoid burnout and establish trust between stakeholders and the rest of the team.


Demystifying Diversity and Inclusion

What do we mean when we talk about diversity & inclusion, and why is it important? Find out when we demystify diversity and inclusion.


Migrate Lab

Learn how to migrate data into Drupal from any system or data source


Building SEO-Friendly Sites with Drupal

When building sites, customers expect the site to be optimized for search engines. This session will present modules and settings you can implement while building your site to make search engine optimization even better.


3...2...1.... Launching Your Website

To launch, you need various pieces of information about domains, DNS, SSL and more. You then have to set these up correctly. This session will walk you through out to get the data and launch successfully.


Personal Internet Security Basics

No matter if you're a developer, designer, manager or a business owner, being on the Internet can be a minefield. This session will highlight some simple, practical ways to protect yourself while browsing the Internet for fun or work.


Drupal, the Fastest - Improving the evaluator experience

What's the fastest way to go from zero to Drupal? I discuss the Drupal evaluator experience in the session 'Drupal, the Fastest'


Drupal 8 and Kubernetes on Raspberry Pis!

Can Drupal 8 run well in a Kubernetes cluster? How about a Kubernetes cluster built with a bunch of Raspberry Pis! I will describe my experience with the Pi Dramble Drupal 8 cluster.


Audit Your Theme

Themes can become a beast. Over time, features get added and new patterns are introduced. Or, you inherit a project and need to size up the theming effort. This session explores tools and methodologies to keep themes manageable over time.


Live arrays: a new paradigm for static and dynamic site configuration

Combine much of the functionality of Ctools, Views, Feeds, Rules, Webform and more into one small, efficient, YAML-based module and see what can be accomplished


How SVGs Power Product Configurators

SVGs are amazing and able to do so many things that are just not possible with JPEGs and PNGs. This session covers how JavaScript is used to manipulate SVGs to change colors, insert logos, and rotate text so users can customize products.


Component Based Site Building Techniques

Learn different site building and theming techniques that make component based site designs easy and intuitive for both content managers and site builders.


Why contributing to the community is important for your companies health

Is contributing to open source worth the time? You may be surprised...


Why A Website Isn't Enough to Grow Your Business

Want to grow your business? Make sure you aren't neglecting some key factors that can help you achieve growth!


Responsive Migration - How to convert your hard coded site to a mobile friendly one

Does converting a desktop-only site to mobile may sound like a nightmare? Fear not, it doesn't have to be!


Leveraging the Benefits of Drupal to Grow Your Business

In a sea of options, whats the best choice for you? While Wordpress is a popular platform right now, in most cases the advantages that Drupal provides for growing businesses out weigh the benefits of Wordpress.


Debug like a Boss!

Debug like A Boss in Drupal 8


Functional Programming in PHP

Drupal 8 may be object-oriented, but not all of your code has to be. Learn about functional programming principles implemented in PHP.


Twig and Component Libraries

Have you worked with the new Twig templates in Drupal 8 but still don't entirely understand Twig? Maybe you know Twig, but you want some tips on how to create reusable components for templating? This may be the session for you!


Migrating into various Drupal 8 entities

The documentation for migrate API is still really sparse. Learn from my mistakes how to import into Paragraphs, node revisions, and other tricky structures.


Finding the Place Where Accessibility and SEO Happily Co-Exist

SEO and website accessibility are not the same thing, but there are some areas where the two worlds *do* overlap! If you have a limited budget and/or timeframe for a project, target these six areas to boost both.


Maximum PhpStorm

Together we'll go beyond learning how tools like PhpStorm can level up your developer-y super powers and demonstrate how your developer life can change if you maximize your use of these tools.


Preprocess all the things!

Stuck trying to expose content or data to your Drupal templates? Fear no more with the talk Preprocess All The Things!


Building Your Legos: A Practitioner’s Guide to Building Reusable Components

Build better Drupal sites more efficiently by building better Legos.


Piecing It Together: Architecting Drupal Sites

What do architecting Drupal sites and piecing together jigsaw puzzles have in common? Turns out a lot.


The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Building Drupal Websites

Want to be a better Drupalist? Learn from a curmudgeon’s experiences and mistakes.


Presenting Analytics Data to Your Stakeholders Using Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio makes is a breeze to create information-rich dashboards from your Google Analytics data, allowing managers and other stakeholders to review web analytics without logging into Google Analytics.


Drupal 7 End-of-Life is only Two Years Away... Where to Next?

Do we migrate to Drupal 8, move to Backdrop to keep a Drupal 7-type experience, or hope there is support for Drupal 7 after 2020? This panel session will present experts from all three perspectives in a Drupal options showdown!


Dr. Upal is in: Healthcheck your Site!

Every site is "healthy" until it isn't. Don't leave things to chance by doing a site health check!


Do I have to comply with the GDPR on my website?

What is the GDPR, and how does it affect my website? Do I need to comply with the GDPR, and if I do, how do I do that in Drupal?


Let's Make A Tour: Better Explaining Drupal 8 To Users

Learn how to make a Tour for any module in your Drupal 8 project


Nobody wants a website. They want results!

Get the most out of every project by defining success early, Come learn how in 'Nobody Wants a Website. They Want Results!'


Let's learn Git. No more excuses.

Come learn the basics of Git, the best way humans have come up with to track changes in projects over time


Dred(itor) the Issue Queue? Don't - It's Simple(lytest) to Git in!

Spreading the word on how ANYONE and everyone can become involved in the Drupal issue queue with the session, Dred(itor) The Issue Queue? Don't - It's Simple(lytest) To Git In!


Erasing the Stigma, Mental Health in Tech

Do you have mental illness? It may come as a surprise, but you're not alone. Come learn how together, we can Erase the Stigma around mental illness.


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