September 27-30, 2018
Center for Higher Education
2500 Fleur Dr.
 Des Moines, IA

Keynote Sessions

Keynote: Learning @ Work

09:00 a.m. on Friday

Tiffany FarrissView recorded presentation

With tech still struggling to achieve its diversity and inclusion goals and average job tenure down to less than 3 years, we need to transform how we think about our organizational cultures. How do we create environments that succeed because of the teams, but where that success is not dependent on any one person? How do we align the company and individual interests so that everyone benefits from however much time that they work together? This presentation explores the role that culture and learning have for organizations and individuals as they work to answering those questions.

As CEO of, a Chicago-headquartered Web design and development team, Tiffany Farriss provides project leadership and strategy through consultation, project planning and coaching. She has over 20 years of experience on a wide variety of projects for higher ed, healthcare, cultural and media clients. Tiffany also served as a Director of the Drupal Association from 2009-2017 and as its Treasurer from 2011-2017.

Keynote: How to Fall in Love with Drupal Again

09:00 a.m. on Saturday

Matt Westgate.

View recorded presentation

Drupal is a couple years away from being 20 years old. In this talk, Matt Westgate will earn his 2,275 user_id from and share his high, low and funny moments with Drupal and offer practical advice for anyone feeling burnout or uncertain about Drupal and the future.

Matt Westgate is the Co-Founder and CEO of Lullabot, one of the foremost strategy, design, and Drupal development companies for large-scale publishers of household-name websites. Lullabot formed January 1,  2006, in Ames, IA.

In 2017 Matt was named one of the top mid-size business CEOs in the United States, an honor he lovingly blames his team for.

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